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 Conveyor Belts covers a wide spectrum of types and applications.

Width upto 2500 mm
Length Open or endless
Plies 3 to 7 plies
Thickness up to 40 mm
Tensile Strength up to 2500 KN/M
Types of Synthetic Carcass General Duty (GD), Extra Duty (ED) & Heavy Duty (HD)
Edges Cut edge or Moulded edge
Breaker Ply Breaker is provided on the face, back & edges as per requirement
Ply Construction Straight Ply, Stepped Ply & Reversed Stepped Ply
Fabric Cotton/Cotton, Cotton/Nylon & Synthetic Fabric like Nylon/Nylon and Polyester/Nylon (EP)







General Purpose
Grade M-24 confirming to IS:189 (Part 1) is suitable to withstand high resistance to cutting , tearing etc in heavy duty application for highly abrasive materials like metallic ores, coke stone, rocks etc.
Grade N-17 confirming to IS:1891 (Part 1) is recommended to carry moderately abrasive materials as coal , fine ores, cement , sand etc.
Heat Resistance
(a) Grade HR (TI) confirming to IS;1891 (Part 2) suitable for carrying hot coarse materials upto 125 degree centigrade and hot fine materials upto 100 degree centigrade.
(b) Grade SHR (T2) confirming to IS:1891 (Part 2) suitable for carrying hot coarse materials upto 150 degree centigrade & hot fine materials upto 100 degree centigrade.
(c) Grade SHR 180 provides excellent heat resistance and moderate abrasion resistance characteristics & is recommended upto 180 degree centigrade for coarse and 150 degree centigrade for fine material.
Oil Resistance
Grade Oil Resistance confirming to IS:189 (Part 3) is suitable for carrying materials which leave residues of fat & Oil.
Grade Hygenic
Conforms to IS:1891 (Part 4) & is suitable for conveying tea, coffee , food products & pharmaceuticals.
Fire Resistant
Grade Fire resistance confirming to IS;189 (Part 5) belting is specially meant to prevent the fire risk in coal mines & thermal power stations, where fire hazards exist. The important characteristics of this grade is self-extinguishable rubber cover , FR Grade belts are manufactured as per IS standard [(IS:1891) (Part5)]. Canadian standard [CAN/CSA/M-422/M87] and ISO 340.


Grade Confirming to IS:1891 (1988) Tensile Strength Mps (Minimum) Percentage Elongation at break (Minimum)
M-24 Part 1 24.0 450
N-17 Part 1 17.0 400
HR(T1) 125 Degree. Centigrade Part 1 12.5 350
SHR(T2) 150 Degree  Centigrade Part 1 12.5 350
SHR 180 Degree Centigrade - 12.0 350
OR Part 3 12.0 250
HYGENIC Part 4 10.0 350
FR Part 5 17.0 350

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Conveyor Belt




















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