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Products - Transmission belt - Construction Features

Flat Transmission Beltings are manufactured with different plies of high tensile woven fabric usually uses high quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers. After the surface of the canvas is scrubbed and coated thoroughly, impregnated with high grade Rubber Compound to give the greatest possible "Fabric to Rubber" adhesion to prevent separation under severe flexing. And several layers of rubber canvas adherer together to form the flat rubber belt.

  • Innovation design, adopting advance rubber compound with good adhesion at opposite joint of surface fabric with fillet, delaminating will not occur during operation.

  • Adopting high quality pure cotton canvass, the duck plies have good enduration and will not easily deform.

  • On the longitudinal seam of the belt, enclosing rubber is used to make the seam firmer , and better - adhered together better.

  • High tensile strength, endure high sudden impact, long life, good adhesion between rubber and cotton canvas etc.

  • Uniformity in Thickness & Width.

  • Higher longitudinal & Width.

  • Higher levels of adhesion.

  • Controlled elongation.

  • Lighter in weight thus consuming less power.

  • Improved resistance to flex fatigue test.


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